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Maybridge HitFinderTM

This pre-selected diverse screening library makes identifying potential drug leads easy, convenient and cost effective.

Maximise quality hits from your screens

  • The HitFinderTM Collection comprises 14,400 premier compounds representing the drug-like diversity of the Maybridge Screening Collection, offering easy and rapid lead identification.
  • Selections are made using a clustering algorithm employing standard Daylight Fingerprints with the Tanimoto similarity index clustering at 0.71 similarity*.

Reduced time to optimize any hit

  • All screening compounds fit Lipinski guidelines for for "Drug-likeness"**, and all have purity greater than 90%.
  • Compounds have been selected to be non-reactive, ensuring fewer false positives and higher quality results.
  • When you are ready to optimize your drug lead, our range of over 6000 advanced novel Maybridge Building Blocks gives high chemical diversity for accelerating your drug design process.

Ready to Screen

All HitFinderTM plates are securely sealed and
both a clear plate number and bar-code for
convenient use and storage.

  • Preformatted as dry films for easy storage and use.
  • Pre-plated as 1µmol per compound and 80 compounds per plate.
  • Each competively-priced plate contains a diverse subset of compounds.
  • Plate map provided in several formats (pdf, sd, xls) for convenience.
  • Plates barcoded for automated systems.
  • Off-the-shelf availability of any number of plates, from 1 to the complete set of 180.
  • Reserve stock of compounds, including analogues, available for follow-up work when required.
  • Also available as 0.25µmol dry film supplied in 384 well microplates

To download the HitFinderTM database files click here.
To download the PDF flier click here.

To order or get more details, please contact us at maybridge.sales@thermofisher.com

* J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci., 1999,39,747-750.
** ClogP <=5, H-bond acceptors <=10, H-bond donors <=5, Molecular Weight <= 500

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