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Maybridge specialises in producing innovative heterocyclic chemical building blocks for drug discovery chemistry. 

Included in our Building Blocks collection is a unique and expanding range of Reactive Intermediates, sets of minimally substituted building blocks sharing a common ring structure, each functionalised with a selection of the most synthetically useful reactive groups.  Full details of over 300 sets of Reactive Intermediates may be found in our catalogue or, if you are a registered user, by downloading our searchable database.

Minimal substitution means easier interpretation of SAR in lead optimisation, and the diversity of functional groups attached to each ring structure allows the chemist maximum flexibility in library design and production.

Reactive Intermediates represent just a subset of our vast range of structurally and chemically diverse building blocks, which provides the ultimate toolbox for drug discovery chemistry.

For quotes and orders please contact customerservice.gcuk@thermofisher.com

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