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Maybridge Fragment Libraries

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Fragment–based screening is gaining wider acceptance, in both the academic and commercial arenas, as a highly effective method of expediting the drug discovery process. The Maybridge Fragment Range has been developed to meet the needs of researchers by harnessing the quality and structural diversity you have come to expect from Maybridge products.

The Maybridge Fragment range offers market leading preselected libraries which have been carefully designed to facilitate the rapid acquisition of high quality fragments:

The Maybridge Ro3 2500 Diversity Fragment Library: As the field of Fragment–Based Drug Discovery continues to mature there is an increasing need to gain access to fragments of the highest quality. Built on a pedigree of almost 50 years of heterocycle research, the Maybridge Fragment Range has grown with the technology over the past 7 years as structure based techniques become more central to the drug discovery process and many successful fragment screening programmes have Maybridge Fragments at their heart.

The latest addition to the Maybridge Fragment range, is the Maybridge Ro3 2500 Diversity Fragment Library. The library has been engineered to build on the key customer driven features of original Maybridge Ro3 Library, such as Ro3 compliance pharmacophoric enrichment and quality assurance. The Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Library offers both an improved structural diversity profile and experimental solubility data for each of the 2500 members.

Key Features

  • Rule of Three (Ro3) compliance
  • Computationally engineered diversity
  • Assured solubility in both DMSO (200mM) and PBS buffer (1mM)
  • Assured quality to ≥95%, including NMR spectra for every compound
  • Chemically “clean” – removal of reactive group whilst retaining “handles” for conjugation and hit evolution.
  • Pharmacophore rich but not too complex
  • The Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library is available in the following formats

  • Entire library with 2,500 compounds: Highly recommended. It provides the highest probability to find a hit.
  • A core set of the entire library with 1,000 compounds: It encompasses the diversity of the entire library. Suitable for rapid and exploratory work.
  • A supplement set of the entire library with 1,500 compounds: for those who have screened the core set. It provides an additional probability to identify more hits.
  • Customised set, a selection of any number of fragments.: our searchable database allows rapid selection of fragments based on substructure and calculated Ro3 parameters.
  • All Maybridge Fragments are available custom weighed to your requirements in milligram (≥1mg) or micromolar quantities (≥ 5μmol) and have been selected to ensure that they are readily available for re-supply. Full analytical data is supplied with all orders for the Ro3 libraries.

    Fragment Hopping with Maybridge Fragments
    One of the key advantages of working with Maybridge Fragments is that Fragment Hopping is facilitated across the entire Maybridge portfolio. Maybridge Building Blocks and Fragments have been developed through a highly structured product innovation strategy allowing the introduction of logical sets of related compounds which benefit from minimal substitution, a key aspect for effective pharmacophore investigation.

    The Maybridge Fragment Collection Over 30,000 Maybridge compounds assembled to provide convenient access to the extensive Maybridge portfolio when building your own bespoke Fragment screening libraries or searching for Hit analogues. The Collection has been filtered in terms of purity, molecular weight (≤350Da) and removal of inappropriate functionality to allow you complete freedom to design a library to your own specific needs.

    Registered users can download SD or ISIS db files from the download section for the product ranges listed above.

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